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By MARCHAND Olivier, a french bowls' player from Aix en Provence and Christian Brunner.
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Small details making "Pétanque" : the game Le coin des boulistes.

The outlook and the vocabulary of a perfect bowls
player - "Fanny" - Players playing for money


What is the "Pétanque" ? - History


Organize a competition with your friends.
The special mail that I receive.


Official rules Choose your bowls The Pastis

Game - Bowls - Point and measure


"Pointeur/Tireur" - Hardess
Size - Weight - "Stries"


The history, la recipe, the dégustation
and some songs (in french)


Learning "pointer" Learning to shoot Web Link and comments
Advices to have the right style and to be in Advices to have the right style and to be in
Advices from professional to never miss
Congratulations and comments
about my poor english are welcome.

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